Amazon buying ….How to buy from a particular seller on Amazon!
(See video below for quick explanation)

Amazon buying is easy….you go to the website and you find your product and you buy it. ¬†ūüôā
BUT – WHO are you buying from?????

Many people believe that when they buy from Amazon they are buying from….well….Amazon….and they may very well be.

However, many times buyers are actually buying from a third party seller like myself. (and my husband)

One of the major differences in buying on eBay as opposed to Amazon buying is that on eBay each listing is individually listed and lined up in a row of you to pick through.
Ebay has been like that since way¬†backkkkk¬†in the beginning of its time since it began (and continues to be) a “garage sale” site.

Amazon buying is different though – ¬†ALL of the people selling “like items” are grouped together and listed (usually) under one listing.
You pick/sort through the sellers’ stores and not the individual products.


Amazon buying made easy

Each third party seller has the option of choosing their price point, competing with Amazon, sending the product themselves Рwhich we call merchant fulfilled OR shipping all of their products to an Amazon warehouse where they (Amazon) then ship it to the customer via Prime shipping within two days Рcalled FBA.  FBA = Fulfilled By Amazon.

When a third party seller – like myself and my husband use the FBA model – this is what happens:

  1. We buy our products – PHYSICAL PRODUCTS – ANY product that we can sell on Amazon and make a profit.
  2. We bring the product home, scan, make a listing for and enter all the specs, label, and ship our products to the Amazon warehouse we are instructed to send it to.
  3. Amazon then keeps those products in their warehouse (s) Рsometimes products are shipped from where WE sent it to, to a different warehouse so that Amazon can honor their 2-day shipping promise for Prime customers.
  4. We now can offer OUR products to YOU (the customer) Via 2 day Prime shipping.
  5. When we make a sale – Amazon pulls the product, Amazon ships the product and then AMAZON handles the customer service as well. You, as the customer can contact the store that you bought from if any kind of issue arises…..and the seller¬†(US¬†in this case) is obligated to respond.
    (within a certain amount of time to keep your seller account in good standings – AMAZON does not play around when it comes to Customer Service)
  6. Returns are handled by Amazon.  Customer complaints can also be handled By Amazon.

FBA is a great gig.

I love working WITH Amazon to make a brilliant line of income.

We currently have three different income streams coming from Amazon alone.

  1. Amazon is just one revenue. (Third party seller)
  2. Amazon Kindle revenue stream with books that we have authored – and continue to write.
  3. Amazon Affiliates – getting paid a small amount of money to divert traffic to Amazon from our website.

I made a short 6-minute video yesterday explaining how to buy a media item from a particular seller on Amazon.  Some of our friends had asked how they could buy from us so I made a quick video on how to see whom you are buying from on Amazon so that our friends could see how to find us and how to find us on listings with more than one seller.  I will put it in this post!
Here is the video I promised –

Until next time ‚Äď I wish for you Success!
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