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40 Days Of Lent Challenge 2016

40 Days Of Lent Challenge 2016 ~ Crossroads Church of Monticello
I decided that I wanted to make AND SHARE a few downloads with my Church –

Lent Challenge Photo


40 Days Of Lent Challenge 2016


Let’s BE INTENTIONAL about living differently during the Lent Season.

With that in mind – I made a Feb 2016 Calendar that you can download and print, or you may download and then modify on your own computer and then print. (Free)

40 Days Of Lent Challenge 2016

I also compiled a list of 58 things that you and your family can incorporate into your daily life as a Challenge during this 2014 Lent Season. (Free)

If you feel led by God to take part in this challenge – Pray about which of the 58 things God wants you to do.  Remember, sacrifice is something that will make you uncomfortable.  I enjoy the sacrifice, but I know that I learn the most the further I am stretched.

There are two formats to get your free files….please read the text below and then decide which is best for you!

Click on one of the Download buttons BELOW to get your file.

Here are a few tips if you need them for downloading this content!



These are some of the choices you may see when you click to Download to your computer – be sure to take note of where your computer is saving your file to so that you may open it and read it straight away!



I have added each file individually here so that you can download each one separately and not have to unzip the file. 40 Days Of Lent Challenge 2016

Please be sure to take note of where you are downloading the file to so that you can find it after you download it.  Just click download and then, Save file.  Enjoy!

40 Days of Lent Challenge –


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Until next time – I wish for you Success!


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