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Oh, SPRING ~ How we miss you today! It is cold here in CENTRAL ILLINOIS! -23 degrees outside currently! I am ready to move somewhere warmer!


This is a #Beautiful Coloring page I made a friend for her Birthday and another to make her cover page ~ it reminds me of Spring and sunny days! ☀️😉😍

I am going to be sharing how I came to create this coloring book page and how you can join me on a journey to creating some of your own within the next 2 weeks. I am excited about what is coming in the near future and I hope you can join me!

What are you doing today to stay warm?

OR is it warm where you are?

I am making Butternut Squash soup and it smells amazing! #TashaMarieCooks #CreatorAtHeart #InnovateAndCreate #InnovativeArtistry #InnovativeExpressions #PlantBasedEats #WFPB