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SO, the more I delve into the Internet and all of it’s wonders on just how many ways there are to make money online…..

I have to also admit there are quite a few marketers that have been bending the ideas of ethics.

I can tell you straight away that this is something that makes me quite furious.

IF you want to build an online business the LAST thing you should be doing is trying to just get people to buy everything out there that they can buy for the sake of putting a few bucks in your pocket!

IF you really want to make money online the only thing you really have to think about is, what can you do specifically to help other people??!

There is one particular “guru” whose list I am on because I bought one of his products….which was half-a-product really….and the rest was a waste of time, but he sends things out three and four at a time and has now stooped to the level of putting things like this in his email tag lines —->>> “This girl is HOT!”

I can tell you as a female  Internet Marketer, and as a Christian woman THIS is the fastest way to get me to unsubscribe and so I finally did!

Everything he was trying to promote was rubbish anyway!  So, I guess he did me a favor — now I no longer have to sift through his emails to get to the ones I really want to read!

There really are a hand full of people who still stay true to the ideals of Helping other people, and I think when you find those guys or gals, you should watch them, follow them and do what they do.

THAT is how you will build your list, and your business!  Not by using sleazy worded marketing tricks to get people to open your emails.

Sorry – Had to have a little rant today!

I am tired of seeing all the unethical people (Internet Marketers) try to use the herd mentality on the unsuspecting people who just want to learn the ropes of making money online.

=============END OF RANT HERE==========

It is who I am to be Ethical!

Thanks for hanging with me through my rant! 

Today’s Blog was brought to you by the letters

“R” = for seeing Red & Rant and “E”  = for Ethics!


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Until next time – I wish for you Success!