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It’s been a while since I have been here.

Life has been so busy that i have not had time to think about blogging.

Our oldest daughter is in her senior year of high school and has been very occupied with applying to the college of her choice, which happens to be a Music School.

With that being said, she has had to prepare a number of pieces for her try-out to be accepted into the School of Music!

On top of that, she and her sister also had to prepare a few pieces for our HS Variety show – which was performed over last weekend.

And then they had tryouts for Our HS Music for this spring.

and that is just the oldest two of five –

and doesn’t include the everyday stuff and the fact that my classes are now in full swing!

I know I am going to have to try to prioritize a little bit better!  gotta blog more, that is for sure – haven’t had much time to think about IM – except maybe I will give myself a shot at writing PLR!  Private Label Rights might be the way I should go!

I am certainly weighing it to be a good choice.

…….will keep you all posted…..

Here is the video of my daughters singing the song they chose to sing together in the variety show – “When You Believe!!!!” EnJoY!!


 Fiction writer


Until next time – I wish for you Success!