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I am sure you can probably relate to that title.

We have all had those weeks where there are just not enough hours  the day!  This is one of those weeks for me, and I have not even started my final class at college yet for this semester! (It starts next week)

I must prioritize everything so that i do not miss a deadline or allow anything to get over-looked.

Any suggestions on good tools to help prioritize things???

If you know of any –
please do leave a comment and help a lady out!!  🙂

All weekend long I was doing Scout related stuff and volunteer work to help fellow Scouters and my Venturing Crew of girls.  We put in long hours on Sunday but we made almost $300.00 to pay for our yearly dues and we will use the rest of the money to do something Venturing related…..

……maybe a Winter Camping (Cabin) trip, maybe Skiing – we will have to see what the girls want to do.

Anyhow – still have lots of things to get done today so I better get going.

Wish me luck –

Fiction writer

Until next time – I wish for you Success!