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Facebook Fan Page Challenge Tip – Hiding posts from others on your feed

So, I noticed after I invited all of my “personal” friends to “LIKE” my page on Facebook that several of them liked it and then unliked it.

Fiction writer

As much as  my humanness wants to get upset by this – I think I understand why!

I have been playing catch up yesterday for the first 7 days in which I had not gotten to the challenge stuff so my news feed was jam packed with likes of other people’s pages.  Comments to their pages etc.  When we do that much stuff in one day it will jam other people’s feed up with all of that stuff too!  (Not cool darlin’ – NOT COOL! – talking to myself here)

I thought I would write a post so that others would know – you can HIDE all those posts from your Facebook (FB) Feed if you are so inclined to do so.

Personally, the way I understand the challenge is that I want people to “like” my page that are truly looking to get value there, which is what I intend to give them BUT I think many people are just going around liking every page – to each their own.  I just want to give value and do not want to spam anyone who would not want to see all those posts.

I would rather them unlike my page or hide my stuff from their feed.  After all they can come by and see what is going on any time they would like.

So here is how you can clean up your feed if you would like to.

1) Go to your “home” page from your challenge page (or friends of mine, from your regular page)

2) Notice that each post has a line above it to separate the posts

3) Hover your mouse all the way to the right top side of that line and a box with a downward arrow will appear

4) Click your mouse on the box

5) Click Hide – and you are done

Consequently – you can also use these steps to FOLLOW a post that you would like to follow more closely!

Hope that is helpful to some of you out there in Facebook land!

Until next time – I wish for you Success!