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Ok, so I finally dug in and did it.  This seems to be going around on some of the blogs I frequent so I thought I too would join the fun.

I am not sure how many photos I will be able to come up with, we shall see.

Fiction writer

1) Children “OWN” my heart! I have five of my own – my children, your children…all children…..I Love them all with every fiber of who I am. Hearing bad news about **any** child rips my heart out.

Which brings me to number-

2) Something I find REALLYYYY ANNOYING is when people ask me….. if I am done (having children)? or If I know what causes that?
I don’t recall asking your opinion….on how many children **I** should have….Thank you for your concern….If money was not an issue…I would have as many as the Duggers! Call me crazy if you want….but refer to number 1 on this list….and remember….I am not one to sugar coat things!!

3) No sugar coating here…..If you want an **Honest** but (usually) respectful opinion.…ask …me, I will tell you what I think!

4) I 100% believe in the power of positive thinking. (And in the power of Prayer)
I have witnessed with my own mind how I allowed God to enter my thoughts and help me to think of things in this world in a much better, positive way then how I used to once think about them and it completely changed my life!

My God is my Rock and my salvation.  I have witnessed first hand the miracles that can happen through prayer.  My sister in-law recovered from spinal meningitis…..I believe through the power of prayer.  My step-father was also healed of a horrible infection that almost took his life.  Many more stories I could write about – but for me, it is just a Truth.  Prayer and Positive Thinking can change your life in dramatic ways!

5) I was a Cheerleader!  for goodness sakes, I cannot believe it myself so I understand when people ask, what? You? a cheerleader? And as much as I am happy I did that and have that experience in my life…..long ago….I am glad that God Blessed me with two young ladies who loved the music department in high school and the drama department too! Here I am with my mom and my younger sister Christina wayyyy back when I was 14!

6)Writing is a passion I have had since I was a little girl!  I Love IT!

7) My Dad is in the Guinness Book of World Records!!

Longest Lawn-Mower Ride – The longest journey on a lawnmower is 14,594.5 miles in 260 consecutive days by America’s Gary Hatter. Hatter started his drive in Portland, Maine on May 31st, 2000 and passed through all 48 contiguous US states as well as Canada and Mexico before arriving in Daytona Beach, Florida, on February 14th, 2001.

Here is Dad on his mower – and a picture of his mapped route.  At the time we lived in Tarboro, NC and only had four of our five children.  While he was in our town, he dropped his mower blades for the first time on his trip and EVER for his mower and cut our grass!


8) I have a hard time relating to people who are fake! 
I am that girl that says…..IF I ASK YOU HOW YOU ARE….It is because I TRULY want to know….not because I am being nice….I don’t care what kind of car you drive, how big your house is….or how much money is in your bank account….I am interested in your heart!

9) I used to be a smoker.  I am not proud of it, and now I am very much a natural girl. I do not even like to take medicine unless it is absolutely necessary!


10) I ran my first 5K in August of 2012 – This is me and two of my boys and one of my Best friends running the last little bit.  Actually my boys had crossed the finish line more than 30 minutes before but came over to run with Jen and I and to encourage us to finish strong!

11) I am highly allergic to animals. Yes kittens are quite cute but when they make you really sick – they get less cute!

12) I survived the Flood of the Century in Eastern North Carolina.  Very bad time in our lives – but we made it through to the other side.  Our family was displaced for over six months.  At the time of the flood which was cause by three back to back batterings of hurricanes Bonnie, Dennis and Floyd – our children (the four we had then) were 6, 5, 2 and 2 months!  Talk about stressed out!

13) I married my Best Friend

14) I am a vegetarian by choice!  (almost Vegan, but have not quite given up all cheese)

15) I Love PHOTOS! I Love to take them, I Love to edit them (when I can) and I Love that the digital world has allow us the freedoms it has.  One of the Best Technology advances I have seen in my life!

16) I was recently captured by Star Wars Clone Troopers when they thought I was Princess Leah and my husband was Han Solo!

17) I had a really difficult time choosing the photos for this post! (narrowing them down)

18) Our family has a tradition of going to amusement parks over the summer! We Love Six Flags!

19) I graduated from college last year but didn’t even go to my own graduation because my kids had stuff going on that day! (And it was my husbands 40th Birthday!)

20) Music is my Oxygen –  I am thrilled that my kids Love music and have a lot of talent in this area.  When I was younger I wanted to be a musician and I could sing, but no where near as good as my kids!

Here are a few videos of my girls singing if you would like to see them! Neither one has had vocal lessons.  🙂

My oldest daughter is going to school to be a Music Teacher!  My younger daughter will join her sister at college next year and will also be going into teaching – Pre-school is what she would like to teach!

Destiny and Ashley – National Anthem

When You Believe – They sang this in their school Variety Show last year!  I was a mess!

Until next time – I wish for you Success!




4 thoughts on “20 Things About Me you may not know!”
  1. LOVE it! I’m like you – I’d be like the Duggers if I could afford it.

    Wow your babies sing beautifully! Amazing.

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I think that they sing beautifully too – but I think I am bias! 🙂

      I love the Duggars! Most people think I am crazy – glad to know that someone else shares my craziness. I do not recall anyone else I know saying that they are like me on this one. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by Tiffany! I have enjoyed reading these posts from others – just thought I would join in too!

  2. I love the photo story of your family and your life. I would have had a dozen if I could have supported them. Love my kids. Great post, Tasha.

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