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FREE online writing tool to help you with your Kindle Publishing, or any other writing you may need to do.
I have been playing around with and using this cool FREE tool!

This is a desktop version that you can just use online, and it is free of charge.


The Hemingway app shows you –

*# of sentences that are hard to read.
*# of adverbs. and Aim for # or fewer.
*# of words or phrases can be simpler.
*# of uses of passive voice. and Aim for # or fewer.

You can add your text to the desktop version of the Hemingway app and it will color code the text background so that you can see what the color code is for the problem that is within it, and then be able to correct it.

As you correct the text – the background color will change accordingly to let you know when you have corrected the sentence structure.

The Hemingway app also tells you
Paragraph #s
Sentence #s
Words #s in all
Characters: #s in all

As an author of Kindle Publications, this is one of the best free online writing tools that I have found to help authors with Kindle Publishing on Amazon.

I just used this tool to run my current book through and when I sent it to my editor, he gave me quite the compliment by saying that “my work is quite well written – It would be my pleasure to edit it for you.”

I told my editor about the Hemingway app too.


Until next time – I wish for you Success!