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Kindle Publishing – What is it?

Just about now….you may be asking yourself….

What is Kindle Publishing?  And WHY should I care?


Tasha Marie wants to tell me about it, BUT – why?


If you are reading this on some sort of electronic device then you are most likely aware of the technology that is sweeping across the world at record speed, the Kindle.


If you are not aware of what a Kindle is – it is a current day eReader.  Meaning a device for people to buy and read their digital books and products.


Books have gone digital and they have done so in a HUGE way.


I do believe that we will always continue to have books in print, BUT I think the number of books we will have digitally will surpass the number in print even as new ones are being printed.  

It is just fact that we will always have a need for both mediums.

Just a side note for a second – think about this…..

Why do YOU get on the internet?  ( the answer is the same for a LARGE number of people)

TO FIND INFORMATION – what are books in many genres?  INFORMATION –

and digital books are available right now – if you have something to read them on.  

No waiting for the delivery guy.  


No waiting for your item to arrive –

you buy it with a click of your mouse and in SECONDS you can be reading it.


We are very much – an impulse buy, I want it right now – instant gratification society.  

Kindle Books and Kindle Self Publishing are here to stay and you can get a piece of the pie if you are willing to learn a bit and then follow through with your actions.


The market for Kindle is currently exploding and while I must admit to you…..this is something that will require some of your time and commitment, it is something that with a little time and commitment that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


Please be warned – right here – right now- this is not some get rich quick scheme.  This is NOT a push button promotion.  It WILL require that you spend some time learning and then doing – but the payoff is matched by no other work at home – in your spare time – opportunity – anywhere!


Here’s the deal – you CAN do this part time while you continue to work at your job and use the money you make to do whatever you want….go on vacation.  Buy a boat.  Pay off your debt.  Whatever you choose.  And if you are serious about it, ultimately with the right commitment you could use it to pay all of your bills.


I will not paint you a rosy picture of lies to get you interested, because the truth is 95% of the people reading this will read it and do absolutely NOTHING with the information anyway.


The 5% that will take action – if that is YOU – I am talking to you now…..

This is the WHY should I care part.……


Thinking about what I spoke about above – you surely can see that this is a HUGE opportunity to do something that has never been possible before.  Self Publishing.  Self Publishing on Kindle is amazing.  Amazon has made it so super simple that I am currently encouraging my children to write.  I will keep you updated on how that goes…..  🙂


Even if right now you are thinking to yourself – wait – I am not an expert at anything…..or No one wants to hear what I have to say….


You may be right!  Maybe people do not want to hear what you have to say….or maybe people do not read your stories that you post on FB. Or whatever the case may be…..but that is where the learning part of this comes in.


If you can read, and learn – then you can be a self published Author in the Kindle Self Publishing arena.


I am willing to bet that YOU have a passion for something in this life….guess what – that is where you should start.  What is your passion and what can you learn about it to make it something others would be interested in?




What do you Love to read?  Chances are – if YOU Love to read it – YOU will Love to write it!


Do you have advanced knowledge in a particular area?


  • Do you have five kids? (Like I do?)

  • Have you been married a long time?

  • Have you adopted a child?

  • Do you have a career or hobby that has taught you a great deal about a subject?


These are great places to start thinking about when it comes to sharing your knowledge and ideas in a Kindle Book, with Kindle Publishing!


I am getting ahead of myself here.

The bottom line is the Kindle Self Publishing Market is HUGE and it will never be too saturated!


I am in the game and wanted to share it with you!

It is so relatively simple that I am blown away at the potential!


We can pave a better future for ourselves and for our families and we can start RIGHT NOW!


Let’s get to it – shall we?!!!  Faith

I have the first part of this series up on my website – it is the page listed under this one – Kindle Publishing  Steps 1 & 2 but you have to hop on my mailing list to get the password!  That Information is only for my subscribers!


Until next time – I wish for you Success!


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You can read more about this opportunity directly from Amazon Love




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