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day-140 Days Of Lent Challenge 2016

Day 1 of our Challenge – Make the CHOICE to DO THIS challenge!

Make the choice to change your life.  To live intentionally and to become the person Christ intended you to be!

 Make the time to spend time with the Father.  Make a list of where you are starting and where you are going!


Here are some ideas for Day 1 –

  • Pray every morning, as you rise
    • Thankful for another day to honor God with our lives/actions/thoughts today
  • Pray every morning for the Holy Spirit to help you
    • make the choices that He would like you to make
  • Pray that God will guide you through this challenge
  • Pray that God will use you to help others
  • Ask God to help you pray continually, all day
    • Our prayer life should look like an open dialogue with God all day
    • Once it becomes habit, you will miss it if you forget
  • Ask God what He wants you to do – then be quiet enough to listen to His answer
  • Be specific in your prayers – we serve a MIGHTY GOD!!

40 Days Of Lent Challenge 2016

I will see you tomorrow for Day 2!  I will be posting my whole list soon.  I will also be posting some things you can work on every day during our challenge so that we can stay in touch!


 Until next time – I wish for you Success!