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The Benefits of using your Google Drive!


Just last week I had  a hard drive crash.  It is really disheartening as I do all of my focused writing on a computer.  I do outline and do the original copy in ink, usually – but I then use a computer to put it all together and start honing in on what the finished product will look like.

I am still upset that my other hard drive crashed but I am pretty hopeful that it will not be a loss and should be able to be recovered…..

HOWEVER – I am so very glad that my #WritingMentor  Geoff Shaw – the author/creator of the Kindling mentioned that writing in our Google Drive was a good idea!

You see, in the kindling Geoff mentions that using the drive is beneficial for several reasons –

  • It is easy to keep track of your writing
  • It is easy to download to the proper channels for ease of publishing
  • It is useful when you are away from your home computer

These are just a few ideas that Geoff mentions in his training.

I found out this week that using your Google Drive is HIGHLY BENEFICIAL in the event of a hard drive crash!!!!

You see – I have all of my Kindle writing files backed up on my Google Drive.

After hearing Geoff rave about using the Google Drive – I found myself wanting to educate myself more on the topic of it and began to look around and familiarize myself with my Google Drive and ALL of the apps and features that the Google Drive offers.

The ideas are almost limitless.  And some of the apps offered in the Google drive are absolutely wonderful!

My youngest son even comes home from school very often and shows me really cool things he has learned to do with the apps available on the Google Drive.

I am currently getting very close to self-publishing my first series of short stories (under a pen name of course) – BUT – I may have lost a great deal of work had I NOT been using my Google Drive to back things up.

Now that I am familiar with the Google Drive – I use it to do such things as – copying my documents for safe keeping, or my writing for future use.

I do not always write in my Google Drive – but what I do write I save a copy of to my drive straight away so that I will always have a copy and I will be able to work on it from ANY computer that has internet access!

Just my two cents!


Until next time – I wish for you Success!