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that most fellow marketers keep under wraps is the fact that if you decide to run out and look after everyone’s “special” product and try to put it all into motion, you may very well feel over-whelmed and quit before you actually get anywhere.

I picked one guy to watch and to model.  That – as we all know is John Thornhill.  I do not buy every product he promotes, but I do look for the one’s that are golden.  I do have most of the items he has offered for sale, and I can tell you that there is so much information that I could get lost in it all if I allowed myself to.  You have to do Internet Marketing in baby steps, or those large steps will bring you down every single time.

My first go around in IM I didn’t know this rule.  I didn’t know that buying every new item that came along would clog up my hard drive and then become a pile of eBooks I didn’t have time to read.  Let’s face it, if you have bought 10 eBooks all on ways to drive traffic to your site, many of them will contain the same information, or very similar information and we will become board with reading the same information IF we take the time to do that at all.

Internet Marketing is a tricky space, and it will take time to get things up and going and to learn the ropes f the course.  No one is born knowing how to do this and if you have no money to spend to have others help you along the way, chances are you will be spending time instead to learn your way through the process.


Well, there it is.  One little (NOT REALLY) secret of Internet Marketing.


1) Do not buy every product you see.  The sales page is created to make sales.

2) Pick a successful Marketer, follow them, watch them, model what they do.

3) If you do not have a little money to get started, find a way to put some back for the items that you cannot get away from costing money like your auto-responders.

4) Be prepared to spend time!  Time is our most valuable asset, as we can never get it back, which is why if you have a little money to work with it certainly pays to outsource some of your items like eCovers and the like. Things that are really tricky for newbies.


***If you do not have time, you may want to consider another option, this takes time, any Internet Marketer that promises you money at the push of a button or a click of a mouse is LYING! Run, RUN away fast…..do not buy what they are selling.  It is a scam, posted by someone who wants to see you be scammed!
Internet Marketing takes time, money & patience.  BUT If you possess those items (and it is not a lot of money that you need to get started with)

YOU Can be successful at Internet Marketing!

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Until next time – I wish for you Success!

I look forward to seeing your posts on my Blog about your success!