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The Benefits of Kindle Direct Publishing

Here are a number of benefits that you can look forward too when using Kindle Direct Publishing services:

  • You actually get your book out there: This is probably one of the biggest benefits to this service.
  1. There are many people out there who will sit upon their hard work not knowing what to do with it. This applies particularly to those who have created a niche non-fiction book or even fiction in a niche genre.
  2. Very few publishing houses are going to be willing to pick up books of this nature.
  3. With the slide in the number of people purchasing printed material nowadays it is going to be even more difficult for writers to get picked up by publishing houses in the future. It is not because the work is poor. Most of the time it is because the publishing house does not wish to divert their resources to ‘new talent’ Thankfully you do not need these publishing houses.
  4. With the Kindle Direct Publishing service all you need to do is click a couple of buttons and your book will be on sale.
  5. You can set whatever price you wish.
  6. You will be surprised at just how many people will download these Kindle books.  Every little bit of extra cash will help, right? Most writers do not even care about the money. They just care that somebody is reading the words that they put their heart and soul into.
  • Your book will instantly be available on every Amazon Store in the world. This includes not only the Amazon network of websites but also directly on the devices and through various Kindle apps.
  • It is completely free to publish your book! You will also enjoy up tp 70% of the royalties. This means that you get a LOT more cash than if you went through a traditional publishing house. Sure, you will have to carry out the marketing of the book yourself, however for many people this is quite an enjoyable process.

Getting started with Kindle Direct Publishing is easy.

All you need to do is head on over to the Amazon store.

There will be a link at the bottom of the page which will allow you to sign up. If you already have an Amazon account that you have used to purchase in the past then you are most of the way there already! After that all you need to do is upload your eBook. If you have already written it.

If Not – I can help you.  Get in touch with me so we can talk about it.

Sign up for KDP here –  https://kdp.amazon.com/



Until next time – I wish for you Success!