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Fiction writer

What do you like to Read?

Kindle Publishing is an awesome opportunity for just about anyone to get Self Published. 

In keeping with our theme here – we talk openly about this and all aspects of Kindle Publishing.

Think about it –

WHAT do you like to read?

WHY do you like it?

Do you know many others who share this particular genre Love, or is it something a little off the cuff?

Either way – the truth is this.  What you like to read is a good place to begin your journey to self publishing on Kindle.

What we like to read is what we are most familiar with and so we will likely write well in this area.

You should begin making a list of the books that you enjoy reading.  Think about those books and think about what you like them.  Are you familiar with everything about them? or is it the lure of the stories that brought you in?

If you have friends that like the same genre – sit down and have a chat about what it is about these stories that are so great.  Pick their brains about it.  Leave no stone unturned.

I personally like to read self help books, motivational books etc. I am working on a book presently for help with Self Publishing on Kindle of course and I have also started my first short fiction book that will likely be a Kindle Single, released under a pen name.

If you like fiction, you should start with a short fiction book.
It you like thrillers – write a thriller!
If you like Zombies – there ya go. You are the master of your mind.

Think WIDE OPEN – the opportunities are limitless. 🙂

Until next time – I wish for you Success!