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I have a new added a new section to my website – one that we can really dig into the meat of Amazon https://tasha-marie.com//kindle-publishing/

My mentor is making a living on his Kindle Books and has released his training series simply for the joy of helping others.

Kindle Publishing is a hot a growing market.  It will never be too saturated!  I mean, come on now – are libraries too saturated?  NO!  And there never will be!

If you have any desire to write or if you are just simply curious about making some money in your spare time – you should go check out my page…..and sign up for my mailing list, as that is where I will deliver the passwords for the upcoming next five weeks of my – Top 10 Simple Steps to Easy Kindle Publishing!

Hope to see you on the other side!

Fiction writer

Until next time – I wish for you Success!

You can view my Mentors Training here – https://tasha-marie.com//Kindling






6 thoughts on “What is Kindle Publishing? And WHY should I care?”
  1. I have been publishing on Kindle and CreateSpace on amazon for about 5 months now, and it is interesting.

    I also bought the Geoff Shaw course and think it has good value for newbies who have never published before.

    Wishing you the best on your publishing career!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Helene!
      I think Kindle publishing is awesome! Geoff Shaw is a genius!

      All the best to you in your publishing career as well!

  2. Hi Tasha,
    One good turn deserves another so I thought I’d visit you back! I’ve been a member of Kindling since the beginning. Since I bundled my 4 stories together I went from making $12.06 last month to $35.42 since #/23/13. Not earth shattering but bundling is the way to go! I outsource my fiction for cheap money as I’m concentrating on my blog, The Buddy Show.


    1. Thanks Buddy! Yes, I totally agree – as a Scouter – One good turn does deserve another! Thanks for coming over here to say Hi!

      I love that you shared your information about your Kindle and Kindling Success! I think Geoff Shaw is awesome and I love that he just keeps making out investment better! I have been working on a number of things and a number of books BUT I just had two HUGE Real Estate opportunities drop in my lap that cannot wait – so my writing this week is taking a back seat. Well, at least a side seat. I am most excited that I just started writing my own first Fiction book and I am looking forward to writing it! I recently graduated from college, 20 years after I graduated from high School and while I was there, I found out that I LOVE to write and every single person who read my writing said that they would read anything I would write! That is encouragement in the face of writing!

      Good Luck with your blog! I know that they can be time consuming, but they are totally worth it and will certainly help with any branding we might want to do! Nice to meet ya!

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