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Servant Leadership

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to an annual event that we attend called PTC -that stands for  Prarielands Training College!

We are BOTH leaders involved in Scouting (Boy Scouts of America)- many different positions in many different Scouting units.

At PTC we get to choose what we would like to learn about and I was introduced to the idea of Servant Leadership, which is a concept I had not really heard before.

I know the concept it had just never been introduced with proper identification!

And my leader says –

What does Servant Leadership mean to you?

Great – Being schooled by a fellow leader is interesting, since we know as Scouters the best way to lead and teach youth is by asking open-ended questions, such as the one above!

Servant Leadership is something that has been on my heart for some time now……without the words to fully back it, I was struggling to even tell others what i meant let alone get them to fully understand what I was trying to propose.

Now that it has a name, I think I will be able to better share with others what I am seeking to do in my life.

It is my wish to become a Servant Leader!  In being a Servant Leader, I will remind myself daily, or sometimes multiple times a day that I am here to serve others.  In whatever space that needs to be.

God has called me to be this person and I want to be the best Servant Leader I can be in order to live according to His will for my life!  I am always asking Him to expose my heart and many times when He does I do not like what I see.

I then have to re-evaluate my ideals and remind myself that He does not judge me as the world judges me and that His standards are far HIGHER than anything I can imagine.  I find myself on my knees asking for His help and guidance.

When I take my grandmother to the store every month to get her groceries – I am being a Servant Leader!  But in so doing, I must honor God and do it with a kind and loving and grateful spirit.

I remind myself that many people do not have their grandma still around and I try to enjoy every second we are together.

When I run a Scout meeting or I am doing the planning for one – I am being a Servant Leader!

When I make dinner for my family, or wash their clothes or perform any duty for another person – little eyes are upon me – watching me, evaluating my performance and trying to measure up to the standard that I am setting!

I am keenly aware that my husband and I are the living example for what we would like to see in the lives of our children.

Servant Leadership is awesome when you have your heart right!

I struggle on some days and some days are certainly more difficult than others – BUT – I do not allow that to stop the flow.  I do not allow that to steal my heart.

As I continue on my path of Servant Leadership the serving seems to get easier.  My heart is happy to do it.  My spirit cries -YES!- when others ask things of me…..most days….

I am working on having that attitude with the rest of the world.  I do, to a degree, but I am a “Love Me” personality and this does require work!  I am a lot better than I was before, but still have to make an effort in this area!

EXCEPT for on my blog or my online community!  I Love helping others and do so with an open heart and mind.

Servant Leadership is awesome!  God has done amazing things in me!  But – I am still a work in progress!

Leave us a note and let us know…..  

What does Servant Leadership mean to you?

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Until next time – I wish for you Success!


Servant Leadership




2 thoughts on “What does Servant Leadership mean to you?”
  1. What does Servant Leadership mean to me? I would never be so arrogant as to compare myself to the Christ, but He was a Servant Leader. He served others his entire, short life. And our mission should be to grow spiritually and love/serve our fellowman. That’s our job, our vocation. To become more like Him.

    I am like you, I love a few, like a few more, and unless I make a conscious effort, I ignore the rest of humanity. It behooves me to make that effort to contribute to mankind in a positive way.

    I make quilts and a few I send to Downey’s Quilts for Kids. Baby quilts and youth quilts are needed desperately for hospitals where they have terminally ill children. In this way I feel I am giving back just a little.

    I’m glad you stopped by my blog. I have no idea how you found me, but it led me here. Thanks.

    1. I agree Ruth 100%! We should strive to be like Christ, even if that is an unattainable feat. I feel like God never leaves us comfortable anyway – so as long as we are striving for more we might as well go for it all!

      My heart aches to sit at the feet of the Father, and I would be fine to be there by myself or with others. But you hit the nail on the head….I love few….like a few more….and I am trying to get out of my comfort zone in order to include more in that circle. Not by my own accord but because I feel like Christ is leading me there. 🙂

      Loved hearing about the quilts! That is awesome! I do not have any skills that would allow me to make quilts but I do give back in other ways. Christ knows my heart and so I am at peace with that….but still always striving to build my personal relationship with Him!

      I’m glad you stopped by my blog too Ruth. I know your post said you were weak. I hope that you are feeling better, or at least heading in that direction. I found your blog from Tiffany Dow’s blog. I recently stopped lurking there and stared participating! Glad she kicked me in the butt, I am making new wonderful friends! Feel better Ruth!!!

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