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HI everyone!

I was just listening to a Kindle Training seminar and wanted to share with you a few of the most important things I took away from it!

These *Tips* -Always- ring true and can save you a lot of time and possible heart ache. I know that I wish I had known this when I first started out.

As always, we should keep it simple, but when we start on any book – our steps and planning should be guided by – Our Readers!  We must stop and think about what it is that our audience wants……  What are we delivering to them and what exactly are they looking for?

Fiction writer

This is a picture of my daughter Destiny!  She LOVES to read!

If we take the time to get in the head space of our readers then we will put out a product that they will want to read.  We of course have to follow that up with good, relevant content an awesome cover (because Kindle books ARE judged by their covers) and a hooking title to get them interested!

Another thing that was mentioned that I feel is really important is, we must be willing to tweak things.  If we Upload a book and it is not selling, we may need to change it up a bit.

We might need to change the cover, the title, the description or all of the above.

Be willing to give your audience what they want, and what they are willing to pay for.  Be open to the ideas of switching things up and it could make the difference between failure or success!

Always write with the idea that you know the outcome and what your audience wants, no matter what genre you are writing in.

Until next time – I wish for you Success!


Kindle Training

2 thoughts on “A Few Free Golden Kindle Publishing Nuggets!”
  1. Very good article, Tasha. I agree with you. Readers want to know what’s in it for me? That’s the way people are.

    I want to know something else, and must say that your Contact Me page isn’t working this morning. I want to know where you get your graphics. Specifically, the little “pillsbury doughboy looking graphic. Everyone uses them and I can’t find them. You can contact me privately or here, doesn’t matter. I’m on your list. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ruth!
      Thanks for the positive words.
      You are correct people want to know, WIIFM! What’s in it for ME? I suppose the truth is – I am the same way. I value my TIME way more than money and so, I will certainly want to know ahead of time WIIFM for me to spend my time on something. 🙂

      Thanks for the heads up about my page – I hope that it is working for you now. Glad you sent the comment since that page was being a pain.
      As for the waving guy – you are welcome to copy mine if you would like.
      Waving guy Here is a short description to help you with that in case you were unaware – If you already know, maybe it will help someone else. Hover your cursor (mouse) over the image you would like to copy – then right click – you will see a drop down menu appear – similar to this one – they look a lttle different with different browsers –
      A picture to help
      Click SAVE IMAGE AS or Save Target as (NOT save link as) and save the image to your computer. Just be sure to take note of where you saved it to so that you can retrieve it when you want to use it. Hope that helps Ruth!

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