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SO – I didn’t make it back to the post section of my blog but I was tweaking things here and there on my blog behind the scenes for the last few days.

I had to get rid of some spammy comments left behind by “bots” – I had to change some adsense stuff and move a few things around.

I really look forward to typing things out here.

Yesterday – I had a crappy day.

Long story short – I had a building secured for a Banquet for a local Cub Scout event and the building guy (who shall remain name-less for the sake of my children) called to let me know that the building is NOT going to be available that day!

UMMMM….I secured that building back on August 1!

Our event was supposed to be held on Feb. 23rd – so four weeks from the event that I have 200 people coming to I have to change my date!

THAT is a little bit frustrating!

Luckily we were set to really put the date in stone last night at our Pack Meeting and so he called just in the nick of time to save me a little bit of face…..

however…..we have been planning this thing for this date in Feb. since August!

I am a roll-with-the-punches kinda gal.

I get it.

I know things happen…..but this happens to us a lot!

Scouting gets pushed out and off for many other things.

We will make it work and all will be fine.  Who knows maybe this will make the event even that much better with the extra time for planning….we shall see.

My husband knew how this was going to effect me and of course, he did notice that I was a wee bit more irritable yesterday due to the monkey-wrench that had just been tossed in my gears!

So, being the wonderful romantic that he is – when he went to the store to pick up a few groceries – he also picked up these – Just to make me smile!

I really Love that man! And he knows if he would have bought me Chocolate – I would have strangled him!

(I am training to run a 10K in April and certainly don’t need that temptation!)

                                                 I Love YOU AARON!

Fiction writer
From my love!


Until next time – I wish for you Success!




2 thoughts on “Frustration and Roses! Just another reason why I love “MY” Husband!”
  1. What a rotten thing for the guy to do to the Scouts, I’m sad to read that they are often treated that way in priorities of people.

    But what a fortunate girl you are to be married to a man who knows when a bunch of beautiful roses really helps, not just on Valentine’s Day… Lucky you!

    1. I agree with what you say about how Scouts are treated….at this point I am used to it – but – it does still make me sad.

      As for my husband…..I do know how lucky I am. I know that I have married a winner and we continue to grow in love with one another every day!
      We truly have Jesus Christ to thank for us making it through the things we have endured, when “we” couldn’t – He did!

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