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I was working on one of my books today and I got to thinking about being successful and what that means.

SO many people look at others who are successful and probably think that the road that that successful person walked to get to where they are was easy-peasy.

I know that I too am guilty of not recognizing the failure that one usually will walk through before they achieve success.

That is really a key component.  Failure….you see, we learn the most when we try something and fail.  We learn more from walking in the place we do not really want to be in than we do walking in that success.

We have these ideas that success looks like the straight line photo above, when in reality it is far from that.

I know that I think that the graphic picture on the left is certainly more applicable to anything I have ever been successful with.

The truth is we ONLY FAIL -IF- We QUIT!

We must always look for ways to propel ourselves forward.

We must always use forward thinking and reach just beyond what we truly think we can grasp.

If we do not reach for anything than we are settling to accept that where we are right now is where we will be in a year from now, and I DON’T know how you feel about that….but I am NOT ok with that idea.

I want tomorrow to be better than today, and the day after that better that that one….so in a year from now, I want to be in a way different/BETTER place than where I am now.

Life has moments of Success!

Life has moments of Failure!

When we recognize that our FAILURES help us achieve our Success in a major way, we can embrace those failures, dust ourselves off and move forward knowing that we are that much closer to Success!

You only FAIL -IF- you QUIT!

Here is a cool video that demonstrates what I am saying here – I Hope that it encourages you as much as it does me!

Facing the Giants – Death Crawl!


Until next time – I wish for you Success!